Onward and Especially Upward!

Well, buckaroos, the negotiations begun at Monsterpalooza in April just did not pan out. I was enthused about the project, the person who was the subject of the kit was enthused, I had a sculptor and an illustrator warming up in the bullpen, but the person’s lawyer and manager made the licensing agreement something beyond my little company’s capabilities. Heck, I think Mattel or Kenner would be hard-pressed to live by the arrangement I was offered.

I do want to sincerely thank my friend George Stephenson for his support and sage counsel during the negotiations. Check out his incredible kits and busts at Black Heart Enterprises. George, I still owe you that steak dinner!

Which brings us to our first non-vaporware product, a licensed Strat-O-Blaster 5000 from the upcoming Bill Hughes movie MATT MERCURY AND THE PLOT OF THE GALACTIC MASTERMIND!   Facebook link for the Matt Mercury Movie.

The Strat-O-Blaster 5000 kits are castings made from one of the original screen-used hero props. Castings are by Acme Design, Inc.  Very little assembly required. Easily painted to look just like the original prop. More details soon, both about the blaster and the movie!


And this is only the beginning of the MATT MERCURY merchandising. Stay tuned, friends!


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