Louie’s Leg!

Louies_LegA new project I’m very excited about is soon to become a new product from Bronson Canyon!

The pictures show the master forms that will be vacu-formed to create the LOUIE’S LEG kit! This life-sized prop replica will be the leg of Louie, one of the “Drone” robots from the movie SILENT RUNNING (my favorite film). Mark Dowman has researched promotional stills and framegrabs from the film, and cross-checked against some dimensions we were confident of, like an actual Drone headlight from the 70s (no longer available). Mark then drew the most accurate plans ever created, and I made the master parts from MDF.

In the film, the Space Freighter VALLEY FORGE unintentionally “shoots the rapids,” drifting through the rings of Saturn, putting the Drones in jeopardy. Louie the Drone gets his foot caught in a grating and, unable to get to safety, is knocked off the ship by a large ice crystal. Later, Bruce Dern’s character “Freeman Lowell” notices that the other two Drones, Huey and Dewey, have stopped their maintenance routines. A space-suited Lowell goes outside to check on them. He finds them sitting, staring at Louie’s leg. He pulls the leg out of the grating, warns the Drones not to get careless, and tells them to get back to work.

The full-sized leg as shown will stand approximately 12” tall, and be vacuformed styrene, just like the originals.
In the next couple of weeks, I should have the first test shots. I have a little tweaking to do with these parts before I can take them to the plastics shop. We’ll keep you posted!