“Why would you call your company BRONSON CANYON CREATIONS?” you might well ask. Bronson Canyon is an old rock quarry adjoining Griffith Park in the Hollywood Hills, and has several caves. From the beginning of the motion-picture industry to the present day, it’s been an exterior location for countless low-budget movies and TV shows. As a location, Bronson Canyon has portrayed prehistoric times, subterranean empires, the Old West, alien worlds, and post-apocalyptic Earth.

ROBOT MONSTER, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE and NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST were filmed here in the 50s. The “Batcave” of the 60s BATMAN TV series is here, where the Batmobile roared out onto the road with Adam West at the wheel (“Gotham City 14 Miles“). It’s an amazing place to visit, a historic Hollywood site that most people don’t know about.  Visiting is like stepping onto the set of dozens of familiar movies and TV shows simultaneously.  Bronson Canyon is B-movie heaven.

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